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Newgrounds Log - Frequently Asked Questions

Some of you may have had some issues trying to access this site, especially with errors like "session time out" and blank pages. I've been answering them individually, and realized that the best thing to do is put it all out here so you can get answers quicker. Here we go:

1) Screen Size

Your computer should have a graphics width of 1024 or greater. The site could work at 800 x 600, but it becomes very unwieldly. Most computers these days ship out at 1024 x 768 or greater, but if you have an older computer, or if you set your resolution too low, the site's going to look like crap.

2) Browser Requirements

So far, we've tested this site with IE5, IE6, IE7, IE8, Firefox 2.* and 3.*, Opera and Safari. Generally, the site is not coded to be browser-specific, but sometimes we've found some glitches that are caused by different browsers interpreting things differently. We recommend that you do the following to ensure that NG Logs works for you:

a) Add the sites "www.nglogs.com" , "www.wkrconcepts.com" and "nglogs.wkrconcepts.com" to your trusted sites list (this varies by browser - but it's easy to figure out)

b) Make sure that your browser is set up to accept session and local cookies from your trusted sites

c) Make sure that you enable Java Scripting from your trusted sites as well

d) Finally, make sure you do not block pop-ups from these sites. Not that we have a lot, but it tends to get in the way.

If you make changes to your browser, make sure you that you restart the browser and clear out all your old cookies before trying to log back into NG Logs. This way, the session cookies won't get confused.

3) Connection Issues

NG Logs gets its data directly from the pages at NewGrounds. If The NewGrounds servers are running slow or offline, there may be issues with logging your stats. Not much we can do about that here, since we basically leech off of them for free. So, if you get weird error messages when trying to log the stats, go check out the NewGrounds site - see if you can log in and access your own account pages. If you can't, or if it seems to take too long, you'll know why NGLogs can't do it. Give it an hour or so, and try again. It's temporary.

Some people asked if having a dial-up connection affects the log site. The general answer is "no" , as most work is done on the server - you only see the displayed results. Long lists of ranks, however, might end prematurely on your display if your connection gets real bad. But overall, it'll all work.

4) What to do if you spot a bug

Hey, we're not perfect, and sometimes a glitch pops up here and there - especially now, since there have been a lot of tweaks, mods and bolt-ons to the site. If you find something wrong, be so kind and check the NG Logs thread on NewGrounds. Someone else may have already reported the issue, but if not, please leave me a detailed account of what broke. Please include your browser type and version, and the day / date / time that you ran into the problem. I check that thread frequently, and it's the best place for all of us to see what's up.

As a side note, I want to thank the NewGrounds community for all of their positive feedback, comments and opinions, even when reporting a bug. You have all been very helpful and very nice, and that makes me want to fix things right away. It's good that we're all civil here - makes all the work worth while!

5) One last thing - about rewards or recognitions for being the "top" anything

Some people have asked if they get any special rewards or prizes or recognition for being the "best ____". Sorry to say this, but no. There are separate groups on NewGrounds that take this information and track user groups, and that's fine. But this site is run for all of you free, as a courtesy. We don't get paid for this, and in turn, you don't pay for it either. There are no pop-ups for advertisements or click-throughs or anything like that. Just a simple site to help you keep track of stats. So we can give out any type of material reward. As for recognition, the rankings change continuously, and even though you may be on top right now, that can change in an hour. So you just have to accept that when your name is on the top of a list, that will just have to do.

We'll update this FAQ if we find other common issues or questions popping up. Hope it helped!


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